Women's World Championship Match 2011
PlaceTirana, Albania
FIDE is further pleased to announce that the Women’s World Chess Championship Match between Women World Champion Hou Yifan from China and the Challenger Humpy Koneru from India, will be held in Tirana, Albania in November 2011 for a prize fund of 200,000 euros.
Schedule of the Women's World Championship Match 2011
14/11/2011 GAME 1
15/11/2011 GAME 2
16/11/2011 REST DAY
17/11/2011 GAME 3
18/11/2011 GAME 4
19/11/2011 REST DAY
20/11/2011 GAME 5
21/11/2011 GAME 6
22/11/2011 REST DAY
23/11/2011 GAME 7
24/11/2011 GAME 8
25/11/2011 REST DAY
26/11/2011 GAME 9
27/11/2011 REST DAY
28/11/2011 GAME 10
29/11/2011 REST DAY
30/11/2011 TIE-BREAK GAMES
CLOSING CEREMONY (The closing ceremony shall take place on the day after the FWWCM has been decided or one day thereafter.)
All rounds start at 15:00 local time.

Regulations for the Women's World Championship Match (FWWCM) 2011
are available in the Handbook.

Additional details are available on the site at http://www.fide.com/component/content/article/1-fide-news/5641-womens-world-championship-match-2011.html

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