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World Events
World School Championship 2007Halkidiki, Greece27-Apr-20076-May-2007
World Women's Team ChampionshipEkaterinburg, Russia19-May-200730-May-2007
Candidates Matches for the 2007 World Championship TournamentElista, Russia26-May-200714-Jun-2007
World School Teams Championship 2007Pardubice, Czech Republic11-Jul-200719-Jul-2007
World Youth U-16 Olympiad 2007Singapore, SIN4-Aug-200712-Aug-2007
World Amateur Chess Championship 2007Predeal, Romania10-Aug-200719-Aug-2007
World Chess Championship TournamentMexico city, Mexico11-Sep-20071-Oct-2007
World Seniors Championship 2007Gmunden, Austria16-Sep-200729-Sep-2007
World Juniors and Girls Championships 2007Yerevan, Armenia2-Oct-200717-Oct-2007
World Youth Championship 2007Antalya, Turkey17-Nov-200729-Nov-2007
World Blitz Chess Championship 2007Moscow, Russia21-Nov-200722-Nov-2007
World Cup 2007Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia22-Nov-200716-Dec-2007

European Events
European Senior Team Chess Championship 2007Dresden, GER16-Feb-200723-Feb-2007
European Individual Chess Championsip 2007Dresden, GER2-Apr-200716-Apr-2007
European Women's Individual Chess Championsip 2007Dresden, GER2-Apr-200716-Apr-2007
Mitropa Cup 2007Szeged, Hungary7-May-200716-May-2007
European Senior Chess Championship 2007Hockenheim, GER2-Jun-200710-Jun-2007
EU Chess Championship 2007Arvier, Italy15-Jun-200724-Jun-2007
European School Team Championship 2007Varna, Bulgaria20-Jun-200728-Jun-2007
European Youth Team Championship 2007Subotica, Serbia7-Jul-200714-Jul-2007
European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championship 2007Subotica, Serbia14-Jul-200718-Jul-2007
Euro Ind and Team Champs for Cadet and Junior 2007 (Rapid and Blitz)Subotica, Serbia15-Jul-200718-Jul-2007
European Amateur Chess Championship 2007Pardubice, Czech Republic21-Jul-200728-Jul-2007
EU Youth Championship 2007Mureck, Austria31-Jul-20079-Aug-2007
European Rapid Women's Chess Championship 2007Predeal, Romania7-Aug-20079-Aug-2007
European Blitz Women's Championship 2007Predeal, Romania10-Aug-200710-Aug-2007
European Youth Chess Championship 2007Sibenik, CRO13-Sep-200724-Sep-2007
European Club Cup 2007Kemer, TUR2-Oct-200710-Oct-2007
European Club Cup for Women 2007Kemer, TUR2-Oct-200710-Oct-2007
European Youth U-8 Chess Championship 2007Batumi, Georgia12-Oct-200723-Oct-2007
European Blitz Championship 2007Ajaccio/Corsica, France25-Oct-200726-Oct-2007
European Team Chess Championship 2007Heraklio, GRE27-Oct-20077-Nov-2007
European Rapid Chess Championship 2007Warsaw, Poland15-Dec-200716-Dec-2007

American Zonals
Zone 2.5 Chess Championship 2007San Luis, Argentina19-Mar-200726-Mar-2007
Zone 2.3 Chess Championship 2007Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic29-May-200710-Jun-2007
Zone 2.4 Chess Championship 2007Sao Paulo, Brazil16-Jun-200722-Jun-2007
Zone 2.2 Chess Championship 2007Kitchener, Ontario, Canada1-Aug-20076-Aug-2007
Zone 2.4 Women Chess Championship 2007Trujillo, Peru1-Aug-20077-Aug-2007

American Events
Pan American School Championship 2007Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
South America Juniors/Girls U-20 Championship 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina5-Feb-200712-Feb-2007
Pan American Youth Festival 2007Medellin, Colombia2-Jul-20077-Jul-2007
Absolute Americas Continental Chess Championships 2007Cali, Colombia10-Jul-200720-Jul-2007
Central America and Caribbean Youth Festival 2007Guatemala, Guatemala26-Jul-200729-Jul-2007
Central America and Caribbean Juniors/Girls Championship 2007San Salvador, El Salvador31-Jul-20077-Aug-2007
Pan American Juniors/Girls Chess Championships 2007Riobamba, Ecuador18-Aug-200724-Aug-2007
Americas Women's Continental Championship 2007San Luis, Argentina28-Aug-20077-Sep-2007
North America Youth Championship 2007Aguascalientes, Mexico5-Oct-20077-Oct-2007
Central American Men and Women Championship 2007San Salvador, El Salvador23-Oct-200729-Oct-2007
South America Youth Championship 2007Provincia de Entre Rios, Argentina16-Dec-200721-Dec-2007

Asian Zonals
Zone 3.3 Men and Women Championships 2007Phu Quoc, Vietnam10-Jan-200719-Jan-2007
Zone 3.5 Men Championship 2007Dezhou Shandong, China28-Apr-20076-May-2007
Zone 3.6 Men and Women Championships 2007Suva, Fiji5-May-200712-May-2007
Zone 3.2 Men and Women Championship 2007Bangladesh, Dhaka24-Aug-200731-Aug-2007
Zone 3.4 Men and Women Championships 2007Tashkent, Uzbekistan3-Oct-200714-Oct-2007
Zone 3.1 Men and Women Championship 2007Manama, Bahrain14-Oct-200722-Oct-2007

Asian Events
Asian Cities 2007Tehran, Iran1-Mar-20079-Mar-2007
ASEAN Youth 2007Pattaya, Thailand13-Jun-200722-Jun-2007
Asian U-16, 18 Chess Championships 2007Tashkent, UZB27-Jun-20078-Jul-2007
Asian Youth Boys and Girls U-8, 10, 12, 14 ChampionshipsAl Ain, UAE22-Aug-200730-Aug-2007
Asian Women Individual Chess Championship 2007Tehran, Iran2-Sep-200712-Sep-2007
Asian Individual Championship 2007Philippines, Cebu18-Sep-200730-Sep-2007
Asian Indoor Games 2007Macau26-Oct-20073-Nov-2007
Asian Junior & Girls U-20 Chess Championships 2007Mumbai, India12-Dec-200722-Dec-2007

African Events
9th African Games 2007Algiers, Algeria11-Jul-200723-Jul-2007
African Individual Chess Championships 2007Namibia, Windhoek31-Aug-200711-Sep-2007
African Junior Chess Championships 2007Kasungu Ditsrict, Malawi28-Dec-20076-Jan-2008

Presidential Board / Congress
1st Quarter 2007 Presidential BoardAntalya, Turkey26-Jan-200729-Jan-2007
2nd Quarter 2007 Presidential BoardTallinn, Estonia22-Jun-200725-Jun-2007
3rd Quarter 2007 Presidential BoardMexico City, Mexico13-Sep-200714-Sep-2007
78th FIDE CongressAntalya, Turkey10-Nov-200717-Nov-2007
1st Quarter 2008 Presidential BoardSingapore21-Dec-200722-Dec-2007

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