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Sunday, 07 Nov 2021 18:33
Decisions of 2021 3rd FIDE Council Meeting


List of FIDE Council Decisions

2021 3rd meeting

27 October 2021


CM3-2021/01    To note President’s report.

CM3-2021/02    To note financial report presented by FIDE Treasurer.

CM3-2021/03    To approve in principle the proposal of the FIDE Treasurer for a new format for budget presentations that includes data on income and expenses for the events organised by FIDE. To ask the FIDE Treasurer to provide the final version of the format. 

CM3-2021/04    To approve that the 2021 FIDE Congress shall be organized at the end of December 2021 in a hybrid format (concurrent with World Rapid and Blitz Championship in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, provided it will take place as expected) according to the following schedule (tentative, to be confirmed):

- FIDE Commissions meetings: November 20th - December 25th, 2021

- FIDE Council meeting: December 26-27th, 2021

- FIDE Zonal Council meeting: December 26-27th, 2021

- FIDE General Assembly: December 28th, 2021.


CM3-2021/05    To note the report on the FIDE Handbook update.

CM3-2021/06    To approve the regulations for World Championship Cycle structure.

CM3-2021/07    To approve the regulations for Continental Championships and Zonal Championships.

CM3-2021/08    To approve the updated Olympiad Pairing Rules.

CM3-2021/09    To approve the draft of FIDE Electoral Rules and prepare it for the approval of FIDE General Assembly.

CM3-2021/10    To approve the provisional membership of St. Vincent and Grenadines Chess Federation and recommend its full membership for ratification by FIDE General Assembly.

CM3-2021/11    To approve the provisional membership of Dominica Chess Federation, Niger Chess Federation, Belize Chess Federation pending the submission of the whole set of required documents. To recommend their full membership for ratification by the FIDE General Assembly provided the requested documents would be received.

CM3-2021/12    To approve that World Rapid and Blitz Championships (2021) shall be organized in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 25-30 December 2021.

CM3-2021/13    To approve the Regulations for FIDE World Team Chess Championship 2022.

CM3-2021/14   To authorize FIDE Vice-President Mr. Iashvili together with the Chairman of FIDE Events Commission Mr. Solakoglu to continue consultations with Sri Lanka Chess Federation regarding potential organization of the 2021 World U-21 Online Rapid Chess Championship.

CM3-2021/15    To note the Global Strategy Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/16    To note the Arbiters’ Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/17    To approve the recommendations of the Arbiters’ Commission on Seminars, Classification upgrades, Amendments to the FIDE lecturer list, FA norms and titles.

CM3-2021/18   To approve the Arbiters’ Commission’s proposal for the FIDE Regulations for Appointments of Arbiters at World Events and Arbiters’ Selection Procedural Rules (with a transition period until the end of 2021).

CM3-2021/19    To note the Constitutional Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/20   To reiterate FIDE’s willingness to help the US Virgin Islands Chess Federation in changing their constitution and election procedures. To propose to the US Virgin Islands Chess Federation to prepare an updated draft in full cooperation with FIDE Constitutional Commission not later than November 17th. To entrust FIDE President to evaluate further steps after this deadline in accordance with the previous FIDE Council’s decision.

CM3-2021/21    To note the Events Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/22    To approve the recommendations of Events Commission on titles.

CM3-2021/23    To approve the updated draft of the Ethics and Disciplinary Code and prepare it for the approval of FIDE General Assembly.

CM3-2021/24    To note the Fair Play Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/25    To approve the Fair Play Commission’s Procedural Rules.

CM3-2021/26    To note the Planning and Development Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/27    To note the Rules Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/28    To request the Rules Commission to discuss the proposed changes to the Laws of Chess (Article 5.1.2) with the Athletes’, Arbiters’ and other relevant Commissions and come back with the consensus proposal.

CM3-2021/29    To approve the recommendations of the Qualification Commission on titles.

CM3-2021/30    To approve the proposal of the Qualification Commission on the FIDE Rating Regulations and FIDE Titles Regulations effective from January 1st, 2022. 

CM3-2021/31    To approve the Resolution regarding the procedure for considering applications to move under FIDE flag.

CM3-2021/32    To approve the Qualification Commission’s proposal to reject three individual requests to move under FIDE flag.

CM3-2021/33    To approve the recommendations of the Trainers’ Commission on titles and FIDE Academies.

CM3-2021/34    To approve the proposals of the FIDE Data Protection Committee regarding the enhancement of the FIDE Database.

CM3-2021/35    To note the Social Commission’s report.

CM3-2021/36    To note Continental reports.

CM3-2021/37    To recommend to the FIDE Qualification Commission to revoke the FM title of Mr. O. Prokhorov (UKR).  Instruct the Constitutional Commission to submit an opinion on the issue of Mr. Prokhorov's right to play under the flag of the federation.

CM3-2021/38    To approve the main provisions of the contracts aimed at the implementation of a pilot NFT project and to entrust FIDE President to sign the respective contracts.

CM3-2021/39   To organize the next FIDE Council meeting in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 26-27th of December 2021.