International Chess Federation
Monday, 18 Apr 2022 09:57
FIDE Trainer Seminar for Spanish Americas held online

The first of two FIDE Trainer Online Seminars planned for Spanish Americas this year was held from 15-17 April 2022.

A total of 27 participants from 14 countries took part, with FIDE Executive Director GM Victor Bologan welcoming the participants.

Victor Bologan expressed hope that the seminar would help the trainers attending become better at their work while highlighting the credentials of the lecturer team. He also had little doubt that their feedback would be excellent.

The lecturers for this seminar were led by FST & GM Alonso Zapata together with FST & GM Reinaldo Vera, FT & GM Bernal González, with assistance from FI & WIM Carolina Munoz and WIM Adriana Salazar.

The main organizers for TRG were FST & GM Alonso Zapata and FI & WIM Carolina Munoz.

FIDE Trainer Online Seminars have been organized by TRG since April 2020, first in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but increasingly for accessibility as it more effectively reaches trainers by region and language, lowers costs of participation and allows lecturers from all parts of the world to share their experience and teaching methods.