International Chess Federation
37° Internationaal Open van Geraardsbergen 2022
Place:Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Time control:90min/end+30sec/move from move 1
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90min/end+30sec/move from move 1
Number of rounds:9
Tournament system:Swiss
Chief organizer:Dirk Flamee
Arbiters:Sylvin De Vet
Chief arbiter:Marc Bils
Number of players:200
Address coordinates:Three locations (main location = Zaal The Preacher, Markt 9, 9500 Geraardsbergen)
Phone:+32 488 22 99 01
Official website:

FIDE homologated. So only for players with a FIDE-ID. Players without a FIDE-ID, have to ask their FIDE delegate for it. Two ½-point absences till round 7 can be granted, if communicated before the start of the tournament. There is also a 5 round non-FIDE 55+ Open Tournament (first 4 rounds start in the afternoon, last round.starts in the morning). On Monday and Tuesday evening there are two FIDE rapid tournaments (5 round each) and on Wednesday evening there is a FIDE blitz tournament (9 rounds).