International Chess Federation
Kragero Resort Chess International 2024
Place:Kragerø, Norway
Time control:90 Minutes + 30 sec. inc. per move
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90 Minutes + 30 sec. inc. per move
Number of rounds:9
Tournament system:Fide Dutch Swiss
Organizer:Kragero Chess Club
Chief organizer:IA Truls Jorgensen
Arbiters:IA Anniken Vestby
Chief arbiter:IA Oystein Brekke
Number of players:250
Address:Kragero Resort, Norway
Address coordinates:Kragero Resort, Norway
Official website:

Welcome to Kragerø Resort Chess 2024. The tournament is held at Kragerø Resort, a modern SPA Resort, which has been hosting Magnus Carlsen while preparing for his 3 first WC titles and has become an important location for the modern Norwegian chess era! Good possibilities for norms. 2 groups Title-group rating ≤ 1900 and ELO-group rating under 2000. Total prizes € 10.500, Prizes Title Group € 8.100 - 1st price Title-group € 2.200 (8 prizes) Best female player € 450 (5 prizes) Best senior player (+60) € 450 Prizes ELO Group € 2.400