International Chess Federation
3rd International Chess Festival "Cesis 2024"
Place:Cesis, Latvia
Time control type:Standard
Chief organizer:Janis Vingris
Chief arbiter:Toms Kalnins
Number of players:500
Address:Cesis, Latvia
Address coordinates:Maija parks, Cēsis, Cēsu novads, Latvija
Official website:

Welcome to CHESS FESTIVAL CĒSIS, an event named after the charming medieval town of Cēsis in Latvia. We're proud to announce a 2024 program which will include a diverse array of chess tournaments, side events and cultural activities.

Mark your calendars for our 2024 program:

📆 June 15 & 16: Duathlon (Blitz + Rapid) 📆 June 16: Bughouse Tournament 📆 June 17 - 20: Standard Chess Tournament 📆 June 21: Go Girl! Tournament

But that's not all! Our program will also include a variety of other engaging events. Follow our Facebook page for more detailed information -

Here you can watch a video of how it went in 2023 -

Join us and dive into the world of chess right in the heart of Cesis!