International Chess Federation
39° Internationaal Open van Geraardsbergen 2024
Place:Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Time control:90min/end+30sec/move from move 1
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90min/end+30sec/move from move 1
Number of rounds:9
Tournament system:Swiss
Chief organizer:Dirk Flamee
Arbiters:Sylvin De Vet; Marc Van Dyck; Luc Cornet
Chief arbiter:Marc Bils
Number of players:200
Address coordinates:Koninklijk Atheneum Geraardsbergen, Papiermolenstraat 103, GERAARDSBERGEN
Phone:+32 488 22 99 01
Official website:

FIDE homologated. So only for players with a FIDE-ID. Players without a FIDE-ID must ask the rating officer of their federation in order to obtain a FIDE-ID. Two ½-point absences till round 7 can be granted, if communicated before the start of the tournament. There is also a 5 round non-FIDE 55+ Open Tournament (first 4 rounds start in the afternoon, last round starts in the morning). On Monday and Tuesday evening there are two FIDE rapid tournaments (5 round each) and on Wednesday evening there is a FIDE blitz tournament (9 rounds).