International Chess Federation
IX. Árpád Csaba Memorial Tournament (Blitz)
Place:Ajka, Hungary
Time control:3 min + 2 sec/move
Time control type:Blitz
Time control description:Bonus timer
Number of rounds:13
Tournament system:Swiss
Chief organizer:Csaba Arpad dr
Number of players:200
Official website:

Organizer of tournament: Sportváros Ajka Nonprofit Kft. Bányász Sportkör Ajka Sentimento Ajka BSK, and city chess departments

Time and venue of tournament: 19-21 July 2024 Ajka Basketball court, 8400 Ajka, Mikes Kelemen utca 6.

Swiss-system tournament of 13 rounds, 2x3 min + 2 sec bonus time per move Ranking: based on points scored Tiebreaker rules: - Buchholz, - Cumulative, - Result between tied players, - Most wins - Highest score with black pieces - Drawing of lots

Participants of tournaments: Anyone on the current FIDE list may participate at the Main Tournament. The maximum number of participants at the Rapid and Blitz tournament is 400 respectively, places will be filled in order of registration! The tournament will be organized under current health regulations, MANDATORY for all participants to adhere to! Non-compliance with rules and regulations will result in a warning, then the automatic (without deliberation) EXCLUSION of offending participants. Final deadline of registration: 30 June 2024, however if the maximum number of participants is filled before the deadline, the Organizers will be unable to register any more participants!

Prize fund: 8.000 EUR: I. place: 1.500 EUR + medal II. place: 1.100 EUR + medal III. place: 800 EUR + medal IV. place: 600 EUR V. place: 500 EUR VI. place: 400 EUR VII. place: 300 EUR VIII. place: 250 EUR IX. place: 200 EUR X. place: 200 EUR

Blitz tournament category prizes:

- Women’s prize: I. place: 500 EUR, II. place 300 EUR, III. place: 200 EUR

- Best player born before 01.01.1964 : 250 EUR

- Best FIDE BLITZ ELO between 2301-2450 player: 100 EUR

- Best FIDE BLITZ ELO between 2101-2300 player: 100 EUR

- Best FIDE BLITZ ELO between 1801-2100 player: 100 EUR

- Best FIDE BLITZ ELO between 1601-1800 player: 100 EUR

- Best under FIDE BLITZ ELO 1600 player: 100 EUR

- Best player born after 01.01.2006: 100 EUR

- Best player from Ajka: 200 EUR

- Best player from Ajka under FIDE BLITZ ELO 2000: 100 EUR

Prizes are guaranteed only in case of participation of a minimum of 200 contestants! Prizes will not be subject to sharing. As to both the Rapid and Blitz Tournament, with the exception of the Women’s and Players from Ajka category, each participant is eligible for only one prize – of the higher value, in case of an equal amount, the category prize.

Prizes are only subject to a 15% PIT (personal income tax).

Program of tournament:

19 July 2024 (Friday) – Blitz tournament

10.00-12.30 Blitz tournament registration 13.00 Opening ceremony 13.30 I. round 13.50 II. round 14.10 III. round 14.30 IV. round 14.50 V. round Break 15.30 VI. round 15.50 VII. round 16.10 VIII. round 16.30 IX. round 16.50 X. round 17.10 XI. round 17.30 XII. round 17.50 XIII. round 18.30 Award and closing ceremony

Entry fee: 8.000 HUF

Special entry fees: - Hungarian GM, WGM and players above FIDE Standard 2500 ELO: no entry fee; - Hungarian IM, WIM and players above FIDE Standard 2400 ELO : 5.000,-Ft - Players of Sentimento Ajka BSK and ASSE: no entry fee

Recommended accommodation options:

Kristályfürdő Kemping és Mobilházak (Camping and Mobile houses) Tel.: +36 70 676 6840 E-mail:

Hotel Ajka Tel.: +36 88 211 393 E-mail:

Ajkai Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium ( School dorm) Tel.: +36 70 246 9154 E-mail:

Volcz Birtok (Guest houses) Tel.: +36 70 949 4003 E-mail:

Takaros Panzió Kislőd (Inn) Tel: +36 70 774 6271 E-mail:

Hubertus Erdészeti Erdei Iskola (Nature school) Tel.: +36 30 300 7009 E-mail:

Registration can be submitted via under the Registration tab. We kindly ask all participants to include their name and FIDE ID in their registration. The Organizing Committee can only process applications including all relevant data!

Other provisions: Appeals and complaints must be submitted in WRITTEN form before the pairing of the upcoming round. Fee of appeal:15.000,-Ft

Further information: Dr. Árpád Csaba Tournament Director Tel.: +36 20 984 3201