International Chess Federation
47th Ikaros International Chess Tournament 2024
Place:Aghios Kirykos, Ikaria island, Greece
Time control:90 min + 30 sec per move from the first move for the completion of the game
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90 min + 30 sec per move from the first move for the completion of the game
Number of rounds:9
Tournament system:Swiss
Organizer:Municipality of Ikaria, Local Committee of Aegean Chess Clubs, Skakistiki Epikinonia of Heraklion-Attika, Ikaria Chess Club
Chief arbiter:Mihail Roukounakis
Address:Aghios Kirykos, Ikaria island, Greece
Address coordinates:Sports Center of Aghios Kirykos
Phone:(+30) 6982-184521
Official website:

Ikaria is an island situated in the eastern Aegean Sea the name of which was inspired by the myth of Ikaros, a young Greek that died in the region in an attempt to fly on wings made from wax fleeing from the Cretan King Minos.

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"Ikaros 2024", as one of the traditional and long-running international tournaments in Greece, has been included in the list of events for the celebrations of 100 years of FIDE.

Conditions offered to a limited number of titled players. Discounts for juniors, families, people with disabilities, unemployed, university students.