International Chess Federation
Vezerkepzo Summer GM, IM 2024
Place:Budapest, Hungary
Time control:90 min/40 mvs + 2x30 + 30 sec after each move
Time control type:Standard
Time control description:90/40+2x30+30sec
Number of rounds:9
Tournament system:RR
Chief organizer:GM Czebe Attila
Chief arbiter:David Bela (HUN)
Number of players:10+10
Address:Budapest (HUN)
Address coordinates:Budapest (HUN)
Phone:Whatsapp: +36307152053
Official website:

GM, IM Tournaments for IM, GM norms

Venue and accommodation

🏢 Danubius Hotel Budapest Address: 1026 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 47.

In case the participant of the tournament does not stay at the offered accommodation, the organizers keep the right to have a refund of 30 euros for the missed possible profit.

📃 Licence to play in Hungary

The Hungarian Chess Federation takes 20 € / year from each player, who plays in Hungary 15 € fee for the tournament FIDE registration contribution