List of Decisions of the 2017 1st quarter FIDE PB Print
Monday, 27 March 2017 12:26

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2017 1st quarter

Presidential Board meeting
Athens, Greece
25-26 March 2017


1PB-2017/1. The Secretariat to write a letter of reply to the USCF.

1PB-2017/2. To accept the Treasurer’s report.

1PB-2017/3. To pay the prize money for the Tehran WWCC from FIDE money.

1PB-2017/4. To give a two-week deadline for the Iranian Chess Federation to send the money they owe to FIDE failing which the services for them will be frozen.

1PB-2017/5. To create a group of Messrs. Siegel, Gelfer and Azmaiparashvili to meet with Agon and discuss a timeline for the payment of the Agon’s arrears.

1PB-2017/6. To create a working group comprising Mr. Makropoulos, Ms. Sperdokli, Mr. Bastian, Mr. Gelfer, Ms Marinello, Mr. Strydom, Mr. Rivello, Mr. KK Chan and a member of Agon, to study the proposal of Agon on live moves in a three-months period and to report to the Executive Board.

1PB-2017/7. To study the Agon proposal regarding change of the rapid and blitz format.

1PB-2017/8. To give Agon a deadline by 15th June to inform about the dates and venue of the World Rapid and Blitz Championship. WCOC and FIDE to advise on the prize fund.

1PB-2017/9. To approve the amended QC report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/10. To approve over-the-board titles.

1PB-2017/11. To approve the ARB report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/12. To approve ARB Commission report for PB.

1PB-2017/13. To approve arbiters’ titles.

1PB-2017/14. To approve the amended TRG report from Baku GA, deleting point 3.1. on page 6.

1PB-2017/15. To ensure that all Academies pay FIDE fees.

1PB-2017/16. To approve trainers’ titles.

1PB-2017/17. To approve the TRG report and academies recommendation, except for Kara Chess Academy.

1PB-2017/18. To approve the TEC report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/19. To approve the TEC proposal regarding schools tournaments with amendments by Mr. O’Connell, Mr. Nikolopoulos and Mr. Vardapetyan.

1PB-2017/20. To approve Rules Commission report.

1PB-2017/21. To approve Laws of Chess as amended.

1PB-2017/22. To approve the SPP report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/23. To approve Chess Arbiter 2016 (Swiss Pairing Programme) should it be endorsed by the SPP.

1PB-2017/24. To approve the DEV report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/25. To approve the CIS report from Baku GA (except for point 3 in Addendum).

1PB-2017/26. To approve the CIS Commission’s report for PB.

1PB-2017/27. To approve WOM report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/28. To approve SAC report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/29. To approve SAC Commission report for PB.

1PB-2017/30. To approve SPP report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/31. To approve DIS report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/32. To approve DIS Commission report for PB.

1PB-2017/33. To accept MED report for PB.

1PB-2017/34. To approve EVE report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/35. To approve IO titles.

1PB-2017/36. To endorse the visit of Mr. B. Kutin to Serbia.

1PB-2017/37. To refer the EVE proposal in Annex 29 to the next PB meeting.

1PB-2017/38. To accept the ACC report for PB.

1PB-2017/39. To approve the Sub-Committee report.

1PB-2017/40. To approve the ACC membership.

1PB-2017/41. To write to the Italian Chess Federation in respect of the FIDE PB decision.

1PB-2017/42. To approve the ONL report from Baku GA.

1PB-2017/43. To approve the ONL proposal about amendment.

1PB-2017/44. To accept the Marketing Committee report.

1PB-2017/45. To send a letter of reply to Georgia.

1PB-2017/46. To establish the dates for the Women’s World Championship match as February-March 2018.

1PB-2017/47. To open a bidding procedure for the Women’s World Championship match 2018.

1PB-2017/48. To open a three-month bidding procedure for the World Teams and World Women’s Teams Championships 2019 till June 30 2017.

1PB-2017/49. To agree that the Turkish Chess Federation will advise by the end of April if they organize the 2017 EB meeting during the European Club Cup in October 2017.

1PB-2017/50. For the event where bidding procedures end March 31 2017, in case of only one bid, the event will be awarded to the bidding Federation.

1PB-2017/51. To accept the Continental reports.

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