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Friday, 13 April 2018 08:49

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FIDE refers to the Interview with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in Sport-Express of 10th April. In his interview he states that there have been fake announcements that the Swiss banks froze the accounts because he was under sanctions. FIDE wishes to state it has never announced that the accounts were frozen. The present situation is that UBS have requested FIDE to close the accounts by the 30th April, 2018. FIDE is in talks with UBS to try and change their decision. Because the President is under US Treasury sanctions, FIDE has been unable to open accounts in other banks and is meanwhile exploring its options.

Furthermore, a personal letter from FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer of 3rd March which explained to Mr Ilyumzhinov that FIDE had not announced that the accounts were frozen, yet he continues to repeat that fake announcements have been made.

Dear Kirsan

I am writing to you as a 20 years friend, in spite of the fact that we are today in different “political groups”.

We are facing an unpleasant, even dangerous, situation which puts FIDE's credibility and its ability to properly function on question.

“Fake news” has become a “trend” lately. It is not entirely new, of course, also in FIDE, but the level of the phenomena used now by you and / or by your people have reached such a stage that brings me to react and write this letter.

There were several previous cases like trying to claim that your signature on a letter to FIDE has been forged - a claim that proved false, especially since it has been sent from the Moscow office to the Athens office, spreading false rumors about other candidates for the coming election and so on, but the really unexplainable one is your statement in your website, in respect of the letter of the FIDE Treasurer to all FIDE members.

You are writing, quoting a letter from your law firm in London, that [ quote] “Mr. Ilyumzhinov has been informed that FIDE's bank account with UBS has not been frozen as alleged [emphasized by me] and that such accounts in fact remain open today”.

You are also indicating that you will be taking legal action against those who are spreading these “stories”.

Alas, your statement, and the letter quoted above are based on a false fact - that the Treasurer said that the accounts are frozen.

I have read again and again the letter of Mr. Siegel, trying to find something that can be interpreted and justify your words but of course could not find anything. The Treasurer did not even hint that FIDE accounts in UBS are frozen, but wrote very clearly that our accounts will be closed in the immediate future. The Treasurer pointed out this in his second letter, as you are aware of.

So, you are “proving” that everything is o.k, FIDE is functioning, accounts are not frozen etc. completely ignoring the real situation.

I am afraid that you are doing so, simply to redirect the attention of FIDE family from the fact that the current situation cannot continue.

As long as you are President, FIDE is facing serious problems - financially and morally.

You said so many times during the last two years that you are definitely going to be “acquitted” - i.e. - taken out of this famous list, but unfortunately it did not happen.

Facing all which I have mentioned, I am obliged to tell you that in such a situation, you are trying to change reality with unbased claims.

You should better take care of FIDE, show that FIDE is important to you, and also save yourself from being humiliated and do the best for yourself and the chess world - leave with honour and save yourself and the whole FIDE family from this unnecessary and difficult situation.

I do hope that you treat this letter seriously and understand fully the present situation.

Yours sincerely

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