List of Decisions of 2018 1st quarter FIDE PB Print
Tuesday, 17 April 2018 15:25

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2018 1st quarter
Presidential Board meeting
Minsk, Belarus
7-8 April 2018


1PB-2018/1. To authorize Deputy President G. Makropoulos to go to Ethics Commission and to seek legal advice in respect of non-eligibility of K. Ilyumzhinov to stand for FIDE Presidential elections 2018. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

1PB-2018/2. To publish the relevant part of the 1st Quarter Presidential Board Meeting in March 2017, the Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting of April 2017 and the Executive Board Minutes of October 2017.

1PB-2018/3. To continue discussions with the UBS not to close our accounts.

1PB-2018/4. To continue to find solutions regarding the problems caused by UBS wishing to close our accounts and to implement them.

1PB-2018/5. To write a letter from the FIDE Presidential Board to President K. Ilyumzhinov to request his immediate resignation.

1PB-2018/6. To authorize FIDE Treasurer A. Siegel and Executive Director N. Freeman to handle the Development Fund monies for the African Continent directly and explain to the African Chess Federation the reason for this. One objection - Mr. L. Ncube.

1PB-2018/7. To close the Moscow FIDE office with immediate effect. To task Executive Director N. Freeman to find out exact procedure according to the Russian legislation.

1PB-2018/8. To approve the over-the-board titles.

1PB-2018/9. To approve ARB Commission report.

1PB-2018/10. To approve Arbiters' titles.

1PB-2018/11. To approve Arbiters' classification upgrade.

1PB-2018/12. To approve TRG Commission report and recommendations.

1PB-2018/13. To approve Trainers' titles.

1PB-2018/14. To approve TEC Commission report.

1PB-2018/15. Not to approve Mr. Naiditch's proposal.

1PB-2018/16. To approve Commission on Swiss pairings report.

1PB-2018/17. To approve CIS Commission report.

1PB-2018/18. To approve the SI titles.

1PB-2018/19. To approve DIS Commission report.

1PB-2018/20. To approve MED Commission report.

1PB-2018/21. To cancel the ratings of Bulgarian players rated as FIDE from 1st May 2018 unless considerable progress has been made by the relevant Bulgarian parties in providing bank transfer documents from the accounts of the Bulgarian Chess Federation to the fake ECU (Delaware) bank account and translating all documentation into English requested by FIDE by 30th April 2018.

1PB-2018/22. To approve the Events Commission titles.

1PB-2018/23. To agree that should a Bulgarian player be transferred to another Federation, the transfer fee should be sent to FIDE who will hold it in escrow and return it to the Federation they was transferred to, if the player wishes to return to a recognised Bulgarian Federation.

1PB-2018/24. To approve the Marketing Committee report.

1PB-2018/25. To agree that a dress code for players for the 2018 Olympiad would be recommended and be made compulsory for the 2020 Olympiad.

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