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Thursday, 07 March 2019 07:33
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Press release on the main decisions taken at the 1st quarter Presidential Board meeting of FIDE

The members of the FIDE Presidential Board sat together for their 1st quarter meeting on March 4-6 in Astana. The discussions were very productive and following points can already be brought out.

FIDE and all four continental chess associations signed cooperation agreements. The major element concerns the allocation of up to 300’000 euros per year by FIDE for the implementation of project for the development of chess. The whole work will eventually be evaluated by key performance indicators.

Thanks to the experience gained during the last World Championship match, the Global Strategic Commission proposed a few modifications to the rules. These were extensively discussed by the Presidential Board and a final decision will be taken soon. The rules of the Candidates Tournament will be similar to previous cycles, but it has been decided to increase the prize fund from 420’000 to 500’000 euros.

The President and the Treasurer reported on the financial state of FIDE, and several positive points can be presented. Primarily, the overall financial situation is bending upwards again. The first contracts have been signed with sponsors which are ready to support FIDE directly. The work in this area is only beginning, and FIDE is proud to announce that Russian Railways stands as sponsor.

Consequences will be beneficial not only to FIDE but also to national federations. Indeed, by gaining external financial support, FIDE will be able to fulfil one more promise made during the presidential campaign. Thus, fees and mandatory payments from national federations and individual players will be significantly reduced. One should bear in mind that this decision must follow the legal procedure and be approved by the General Assembly. If accepted, it will come into effect retroactively, so that federations will save a lot on their dues in January 2020.

The Presidential Board supports the proposal made by Wales to hold the World Championship for players under 18 years old with disabilities. This is a very sensitive moment and an important task for FIDE. Details are being worked out on it.

The Presidential Board also discussed the dress code for top tournaments, as this issue is essential to improve the image of chess and its main actors.

A proposal has been put forward by Norwegian organizers to hold the FIDE Fischer Random Chess World Championship. However, a number of organizational issues, notably of legal nature, have to be examined carefully before coming to a final decision.

Mrs Eva Repkova presented a very interesting report on the representation of women on senior positions at FIDE. It is clear that FIDE is keen on moving with the times and on paying particular attention to this matter.

The 2nd quarter Presidential Board meeting will take place before the summer. Exact dates and place will be determined soon.

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Willy Iclicky, Chief Operating Officer

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Anastasia Sorokina, FIDE Vice President

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Akaki Iashvili, FIDE Vice President

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Emil Sutovsky, Director General

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Mohammed Al-Mudahka, International Director and Igor Kogan, Deputy Chairman of FIDE Management Board

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