84th FIDE Congress Agenda Print
Friday, 23 August 2013 13:05
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FIDE is publishing the Agenda and Annexes for the 84th FIDE Congress scheduled from 30th September to 10th October 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Download the Agenda.
Download the Emergency GA Agenda.
Download all Annexes in one file.

List of Annexes

1. Audited accounts.
2. Commented accounts.
3. Actual against budget for first six months of 2013.
4. Fees paid to PB members.
5. Mr. N. Freeman’s proposed amendments to Financial Regulations.
6. Mr. L. Brunner’s report of the Permanent Fund Administrator.
7. Verification Commission’s report.
8. Application of the Tanzania Chess Federation.
9. Application of the Saudi Arabia Chess Federation.
10. Application of Federacao Timor-Leste de Xadrex.
11. Mr. D. Jarrett’s proposals on restructuring and amending Handbook.
12. Proposed Regulations on Registration and Licensing of the players.
13. Agenda for the Qualification Commission meeting.
14. Summaries of over-the-board title applications.
15. Agenda with Annexes for the Arbiters Commission’s meeting.
16. Summaries of the arbiters’ title applications.
17. Trainers Commission’s report.
18. Summaries of trainers’ title applications.
19. Technical Commission’s report with Annexes.
20. Agenda for the Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission’s meeting.
21. Agenda with Annex for the Swiss Pairings Programmes Committee’s meeting.
22. Development Commission’s report.
23. Chess in Schools Commission’s report.
24. Women’s Chess Commission’s report.
25. Social Action Commission’s report.
26. Social Projects Commission’s report.
27. Chess for Disabled Committee’s report.
28. Agenda for the Medical Commission’s meeting.
29. Press-release by SportAccord.
30. Agenda with Annexes for the Events Commission’s meeting.
31. List of IO titles to be approved by the Executive Board.
32. Mr. B. Kutin’s proposal in respect of the celebration of the FIDE 90th Anniversary.
33. Bid from Khanty-Mansiysk for organizing FIDE Candidate's Matches 2014.
34. Overall standings in FIDE Grand-Prix Series after five rounds.
35. Unofficial list of qualifiers from Europe, for FIDE Women's World Championship 2014.
36. Report of Chief Arbiter for FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championship 2013.
37. Report of Messrs. D. Jarrett and A. Surender after inspecting the venues for World Youth Championships 2015.
38. Report of the Chief Arbiter for World Schools Individual Championship 2013.
39. Proposal on FIDE Official Languages.
40. Proposal of Ms. B. Marinello in respect of the dress-code.
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