List of Decisions of the 2016 1st quarter FIDE PB Print
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 12:34
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List of decisions
PB meeting
Moscow, Russia
28-29 March 2016

1PB-2016/1. To approve the Treasurer’s report and recommendations.

1PB-2016/2. To approve the provisional membership of the South Sudan Chess Federation.

1PB-2016/3. To authorize Executive Director to sign employment contracts and to amend the Statutes regarding signing of contracts.

1PB-2016/4. To approve the report of Qualification Commission and over-the-board titles.

1PB-2016/5. To approve the report of the Arbiters’ Commission and arbiters’ titles.

1PB-2016/6. To approve partially the report of the Trainers’ Commission, except for the revised budget, and trainers’ titles.

1PB-2016/7. To approve the report of Chess in Schools Commission.

1PB-2016/8. To approve the report of Women’s Commission except for the revised budget.

1PB-2016/9. To approve the organization of the World Youth for Disabled Championship by ChessEducators and BayChess for a period of three years.

1PB-2016/10. To approve the report of the Events Commission and the IO titles.

1PB-2016/11. To approve a letter to Federations in respect of anti-cheating measures at the Olympiad.

1PB-2016/12. To approve the signing of the 2016 World Chess license agreement.

1PB-2016/13. To create a Committee of Messrs. Bastian, Ochoa and Freeman to investigate the case of Y. Garrett vs Italian Chess Federation.

1PB-2016/14. To recommend the bid of the Khanty-Mansiysk for 2020 Olympiad, 2019 World Chess Cup, 2018 Women’s World Chess Championship and 2016 Women’s Grand-Prix tournament for the approval, should there be no other bids at the deadline.

1PB-2016/15. To send the proposal of Mr. A. Filatov regarding challenging World Champion for discussion at the WCOC.

1PB-2016/16. To approve the review of the World Championship match regulations in respect of the potential conflict of sponsors of the organisers and players.

1PB-2016/17. To approve the proposal of Agon Ltd regarding Grand-Prix cycle.

1PB-2016/18. To approve the cancellation of the services for the Ukrainian Chess Federation in case the full amount is not paid in respect of the Women’s World Championship match in Lviv.

1PB-2016/19. To give one more month for the Belarus Chess Federation to officially reply if they will organize the 2016 Women’s World Championship.

1PB-2016/20. To give Agon Ltd six months to find organisers for the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017 (men and women).

1PB-2016/21. To award the World Amateur Championship 2017 to Italy, to be organized in Spoleto, 1-9 April 2017.

1PB-2016/22. To approve World Amateur titles in categories 1700 and 2300.

1PB-2016/23. To award the World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2017 to India.

1PB-2016/24. To award the World Schools Individual Championship 2016 to Russia.

1PB-2016/25. To award the World Schools Individual Championship 2018 to Albania.

1PB-2016/26. To award the World Schools Individual Championship 2019 to Tunisia.

1PB-2016/27. To approve reports of the Continents.

1PB-2016/28. To approve a FIDE History Committee with Mr. H. Bastian as Chairman and Mr. W. Iclicki as member.

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