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79th FIDE Congress: 2008 General Assembly Minutes and Annexes
Monday, 02 February 200979th FIDE Congress: 2008 General Assembly Minutes and Annexes

FIDE publish the Minutes and Annexes of the General Assembly that was held from 16 to 26 November 2008 in Dresden, Germany.

Download the Minutes in PDF format.

Download all the Annexes in ZIP.


1. Report of the FIDE External Auditors.
2. Accounts for year ending 31st December 2007.
3. Explanations on accounts.
4. Report on the FIDE Permanent Fund.
5. Proposal of All India Chess Federation.
6. Proposal regarding Agenda and Minutes of the meetings.
7. Proposal on the FIDE membership criteria.
8. Report on restructuring of Committees and Commissions. (Appendix to Annex 8)
9. Amendments to the rules and regulations governing FIDE elections.
10. List of the proposed titles for over-the-board play.
11. Noting of ICCF titles.
12. List of the proposed Arbiters titles applications.
13. Proposal regarding good manners of chess players.
14. List of the International Organisers titles.
15. ISCU proposals.
16. Bids for 83rd FIDE Congress 2012 and 40th Chess Olympiad 2012. (Addition to Annex 16)
17. Current standings of Grand Prix 2008 – 2009.
18. Chief Arbiters Report on Women’s World Chess Championship 2008.
19. Proposal regarding organisation of the World School Team Championship 2009.
20. Letter from the 2010 Asian Games Organising Committee.
21. Letter from Mr. Touze (French). Translation of the letter in English.
22. FIDE – DGT contract.
23. Registration of FIDE logo and motto in the European Union.
24. FIDE Membership Application from Solomon Islands Chess Federation.
25. Chief Arbiter`s report for the World Championship Match 2008.
26. FIDE Grand Prix (2008/2009) report.
27. 1st World Mind Sport Games report.
28. Report of Continental President for Americas.
29. Report on the relations with IOC.
30. Registration of FIDE logo.
31. Proposal of the Armenian Chess Federation regarding Tigran Petrosian year.
32. Computer and Internet Chess Committee report.
33. Proposals of World Champion Viswanathan Anand.
34. Report on FIDE Offices.
35. Chief Arbiter`s report on World Blitz Chess Championship 2008.
36. Proposal of Women World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.
37. ICCF report.
38. CHIPS Committee report.
39. Application for an option to organise the World Senior Championship 2009 and the World Senior Championship 2010 from Italian Chess Federation.
40. Report of the PR and Marketing Director.
41. Women`s Chess Committee report.
42. Chess for the Disabled Committee report.
43. Youth and Junior Events Committee report.
44. Titles and Ratings Committee report. (Appendix to Annex 44)
45. Amendments to the FIDE Statutes. Re-registration in Trade Register.
46. FIDE Membership application from Bhutan Chess Federation.
47. Organisers Committee report.
48. Constitutional Committee report.
49. Ethics Commission report.
50. Swiss Pairings Committee report.
51. Arbiters Council report.
52. Trainers Committee report.
53. Verification Commission report.
54. Chess in Schools Committee report.
55. FIDE Press Release regarding Challenger Match Veselin Topalov - Gata Kamsky.
56. Regulations for the Women`s FIDE Grand Prix 2009-2010.
57. Technical Commission report.
58. CACDEC report.
59. FIDE Laws of Chess. (Addition to Annex 59)
60. Technical Administration Panel report.
61. Letter from the Russian Chess Federation regarding FIDE Education Centre.
62. Standartisation of time controls.
63. Documentation on the Touze case.
64. Permanent Commission for the Chess Composition report.
65. Medical Commission report.
66. Request from the Russian Chess Federation for Honorary Membership for E. Dubov.
67. Change of Statutes regarding FIDE Officials.
68. Global Chess report.
69. CEO Development report.
70. Qualification Commission report.
71. Statement on the hosting of the 2011 All African Games.
72. Report of Continental President for Africa. (Appendix to Annex 72)
73. FIDE Budget for 2009.
74. Report of Continental President for Asia.
75. Report of Continental President fro Europe.
76. Proposed changes to the regulations of World Championship Cycle.
77. UAE Chess Federation proposals.