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2021 3rd FIDE Council Agenda and Commissions reports/proposals
Monday, 15 November 20212021 3rd FIDE Council Agenda and Commissions reports/proposals

FIDE publishes the Agenda of the 3rd FIDE Council Meeting which was held on October 27, 2021.

Download Agenda (pdf)


Annex 3.2.1 FIDE Individual World Championship Cycles events

Annex 3.2.2 Continental Championships and Zonal Tournaments 

Annex 3.2.3 Olympiad Pairing Rules

Annex 3.2.4 FIDE Electoral Rules

Annex 6.1 Global Strategy Commission’s report

Annex 6.2.1 Arbiters' Commission report

Annex 6.2.3 Arbiters’ Commission’s proposal

Annex 6.4.1 Events Commission’s report

Annex 6.5.1 Second draft of the Ethics & Disciplinary Code

Annex 6.6.1 Fair Play Commission’s report

Annex 6.6.2 Fair Play Commission’s proposal

Annex 6.7 Planning and Development Commission’s report

Annex 6.8.1 Rules Commission’s report

Annex 6.9.2 Qualification Commission’s proposal

Annex 6.9.3a Granting of FIDE flag player status

Annex 6.11 Data Protection Committee’s proposal

Annex 6.13 Social Commission’s report