Handbook ::  D. Regulations for Specific Competitions

01. Cycle for the Individual World Championship
01. World Championship General Provision
02. Zonal Tournament
03. Regulations for the World Chess Cup 2017
04. Rules & Regulations for the FIDE World Championship Match (FWCM) 2018
05. Rules & Regulations for the Candidates Tournament of the FIDE World Championship cycle 2016-2018
06. Regulations for the Grand Prix
07. Regulations for the Women`s World Chess Championship Cycle
08. Regulations for the Women's World Championship Match (FWWCM) 2017
09. Regulations for the 2019-2020 Women's FIDE Grand-Prix
02. Chess Olympiad
01. Regulations for the Chess Olympiad
02. Olympiad Pairing Rules
03. Cycle for Competitions for Men`s and Women`s National Teams
01. Continental Team Championships
02. African Team Championships
03. Panamerican Team Championships
04. Asian Team Championships
05. Rules for the European Team Championship
06. World Chess Team Championship
07. Women`s World Chess Team Championship
04. Other FIDE Competitions
01. General Regulations for FIDE Competitions
02. FIDE World Cities Championship
03. FIDE World Senior Championships
04. FIDE World Amateur Championships
05. FIDE World Junior Under-20 Championships
06. FIDE World Youth U14, U16 & U18 Championships
07. FIDE World Cadet U8, U10 & U12 Championships
08. FIDE World School Championships
09. FIDE World Youth U16 Olympiad
10. FIDE World Team Championship 50+ and 65+
11. Guidelines to Protocol for FIDE Events
12. Guidelines on Treatment of Disabled Chess Players
13. Guidelines on Number of Arbiters in FIDE Events
14. Bids Evaluation Criteria
06. Continental Championships
01. African Junior Championships
02. Asian Championships
06. European Youth Championships
08. Panamerican Junior Championships
09. Panamerican Youth Chess Festival
07. Regulations for the FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Championships
01. Rules for the FIDE Open World Rapid Championship & FIDE Open World Blitz Championship.
02. Rules for the FIDE Women’s World Rapid Championship & FIDE Women’s World Blitz Championship.
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