International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 12 Jul 2022 15:00
12 Ukrainian players will receive help with expenses at the European Championship

The FIDE Commission for Women's Chess in cooperation with Сhess24 launched a fundraising campaign for the Ukrainian Chess Community on March 8, during the events for International Women's Day.

We thank all those who supported this fundraiser which enables us today to help 12 Ukrainian players registered for the upcoming European Women’s Chess Championship 2022 in Prague.

With the funds collected and some more added by FIDE, we are able to cover most of the accommodation expenses and all registration fees for these players. Additionally, they will receive Chessable top-level coaching courses, free of charge, to help them with their tournament preparation. 

We are grateful to all who made this kind of support possible for our Ukrainian friends that have been greatly affected by the war in Ukraine.

“Year of the Woman in Chess is not only about celebration. It is also about solidarity.”

Eva Repkova

Chair of FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess