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Friday, 22 Dec 2023 14:06
FIDE General Assembly: List of decisions

FIDE General Assembly

December 17th 2023 Online


GA-2023/01  To permanently expel the Bulgarian Chess Federation 1928 from FIDE.

GA-2023/02  To approve the admission of The Bulgarian Sports Chess Federation as a new  Member Federation of FIDE.

GA-2023/03  To approve the admission of the Tonga Chess Federation as a new Member Federation of FIDE.

GA-2023/04  To approve the admission of the Vanuatu Chess Federation as a new Member Federation of FIDE.

GA-2023/05  To approve the Constitutional Commission's report.

GA-2023/06  To approve the admission of the New Caledonia Chess Federation as a new Affiliated Organization of FIDE.

GA-2023/07  To award the organization of the Chess Olympiad 2028 to the city of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

GA-2023/08  To delete Article 18.12. of the FIDE Charter.

GA-2023/09  Not to approve Lesotho Chess Federation's proposal regarding Article 17.6 of the FIDE Charter.

GA-2023/10  To approve FIDE Council's proposal regarding Article 13.7 of the FIDE Charter.

GA-2023/11 To approve the Verification Commission’s report.

GA-2023/12    To discharge the Treasurer from the responsibilities for the financial year 2022.

GA-2023/13   To approve the FIDE Budget for the year 2024 and provisional FIDE Budget for the year 2025.

GA-2023/14    To re-appoint Ernst & Young as External Auditor for annual audit of FIDE accounts for 2023.

GA-2023/15 To approve the update of the Financial Rules regarding the Bid Fees and Deposit Fees for Organization of FIDE Events and amend Articles 4.2 and 5.2 accordingly.

GA-2023/16   To reject the South Africa Chess Federation's appeal.

GA-2023/17   To reject the Norway Chess Federation's proposal regarding the Transgender Registration Regulations.

GA-2023/18  To approve FIDE Awards.

FIDE General Assembly  Decisions (pdf)