International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 24 Jan 2024 11:13
FIDE Trainers Online Seminar 2024 announced

Organized by the Asian Chess Federation in cooperation with FIDE Commission for Women in Chess under supervision of FIDE Trainers’ Commission, FIDE Trainers’ Online Seminar will be held from February 2-4, 2024.

Seminar program and schedule:

Contact: FIDE Trainers’ Commission

Venue: Zoom

Participation fee: 200 Euros


  • GM Artur Jussupow
  • GM Hou Yifan
  • GM Iossif Dorfman
  • GM Antoaneta Stefanova
  • GM Alexander Moiseenko
  • GM Igor Lysyj

Seminar language: English

Rules and regulations:

FIDE commission for women’s chess covers 20 places for female participants.

Registration is open for women based on first come first served condition with focus on representatives from different continents.

Registration link:

In case of possible questions please contact WOM representative Yilmaz Kartal

WhatsApp: +90 542 606 67 29