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Friday, 12 Apr 2024 23:22
Riga is set to host unique 100-Board team tournament

This year marks the centenary anniversary of both FIDE and the Latvian Chess Federation, the latter of which was founded 100 years ago on April 13, 1924. Latvian chess history is rich and significant. Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been the hometown of many chess legends, including Mikhail Tal and Alexei Shirov. 

In 2024, Riga will proudly become the host of a historical and unique event: a team tournament between teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and FIDE, with each squad consisting of 100 players. The event will be held during the Riga Technical University Open Chess Festival, the largest chess event in Northern Europe.

Date: August 3, 2024

Location: Riga, Latvia

Official website:

The magnificent milestone of the FIDE and the Latvian Chess Federation centenary will be celebrated in true Baltic tradition with team matches on 100 boards. This tradition started in 1976 with an inaugural match between Latvia and Estonia, which ended in a 50:50 draw. Since then, ten more matches have been played between these teams. In 2005, the Lithuanian Chess Federation joined this tradition and has since played three matches against Latvia. The most recent matches were played in 2018 when all three Baltic countries celebrated the 100th anniversary of their republics. 

In 2024, the enduring neighbourhood tradition will evolve into a full-fledged tournament! Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the FIDE team will face each other in a round-robin tournament. While the teams of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia will be composed exclusively of players representing their respective federations, the FIDE team will include players from various countries and even continents. You have the opportunity to become a part of this iconic event as well!

Registration for the event is now open here: Players can apply for a blitz tournament dedicated to the centenary of both FIDE and the Latvian Chess Federation, which will take place right after the team tournament concludes. Additionally, a variety of side chess activities are planned as part of the Riga Technical University Open Chess Festival. To get more information about these events visit