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Sunday, 05 May 2024 20:22
FIDE World School Chess Championship crosses midpoint

For the first time in Peruvian sports history, the World School Chess Championship is taking place in Peru. After five exciting rounds of play, the participants from 26 countries (Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and Zimbabwe) are enjoying the day off.

The Peruvian state, represented by its president Dina Boluarte and her council of ministers, declared the World School Chess Championship the top priority, which transcends to the benefit of all the participants.  

So far, the World School Championship has been very good for the host players, as they are leading in most categories.

Bat-Amgalan, Batsaikhan (Mongolia) vs. Manchanda, Advik (United States) (pictured above) drew their game, while Iman Nabiyev of Kazakhstan won his game, scored 5 points, and became the leader in the U09 category.

Iman is one of many players to score 5/5. Here is the list of participants from all categories with a perfect score:

Az-Erdene, Nyamdavaa (Mongolia U07 FEM)
Nabiyev, imán (Kazajistan U09 ABS)
Vinales Gonzalez, Enzo Mathias (Paraguay U11 ABS)
Arana Bello, Bruno Josef (Perú U11 ABS)
Mandujano, Alagon Ghaydaa Ceneth (Perú U 11 FEM)
Torres Ccahuay, Dayana Nievevska (Peru U15 FEM)
WIM Bravo Mallco, Kate Azumi (Perú U17 FEM)
Caceres Benitez, Arturo Eduardo (Paraguay U 15 ABS)
Garzon Zapatanga, Christopher Leonel (Ecuador U 17 ABS)

Table 1 of the U11 Women's category in Round 5: Alagon Ghaydaa Ceneth Mandujano (Peru) vs Dana Katherine Tuk Martin (México)

In the U11 category open tournament, Enzo Vinales (Paraguay) and Bruno Arana (Peru) both netted 5/5, making it the only competition with joint leaders with a perfect score.  The leaders will clash in Round 6. The Pan American champion and South American School champion, Daniel Gallegos, is a full point behind the leaders.

There is a huge group of players with 4.5 points in all categories:

Sulca Cerron, Diego Peter (Peru U 07 ABS)
Holguin Segovia, David Luis (Peru U 07 ABS)
Mamani Choque, Adler Esau (Bolivia U 07 ABS)
Palma Franco, Alma Camila (Ecuador U 09 FEM)
Nandinjiguur, Chinzorig (Mongolia U 09 FEM)
Valenzuela Reinoso, Safrys (Perú U 09 FEM)
Diaz Guerrero, Jesus Daniel (Mexico U 13 ABS)
Garzon Camelo, Andres Santiago (Colombia U 13 ABS)
Martinez Flores, Matias (Mexicano U 13 ABS)
Munoz Ramos, Christopher (Chile U 13 ABS)
Galkotuwa, K A R G W D R B G (Sir Lanka U 13 ABS)
Herrera Jimenez, Mateo (Colombia U 13 ABS)
Guo, Felix(USA U 13 ABS)
Palomino Quispe, Mateo Henry (Perú U 13 ABS)
Yang, Maxwell (USA U13 ABS)
WCM Altynbek, Aiaru ( Kazajistán U13 FEM)
Silva Honores, Luciana Victoria (Perú U13 FEM)
Casqui Lopez, Pamela Grace (Perú U 13 FEM)
WCM Buyankhishig, Batpelden (Mongolia U13 FEM)

The U13 category stands out, with as many as nine players tied for first place.

U17 Open: Tupac Russell Montesinos Parisaca (Peru) vs Christopher Leonel Garzon Zapatanga (Colombia)

Written by AN Rodolfo Valentino Cabrera Huaman

Photos: Patricia Claros Aguilar

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