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Monday, 06 May 2024 09:28
World Rapid and Blitz Team Championships: Registration is open

The FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Team Championships 2024, organized by the International Chess Federation and the Kazakhstan Chess Federation in partnership with Freedom Holding, will be held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, between August 1 and 6.

The second edition of the Championships will consist of a 12-round Swiss tournament played over three days under rapid time control (August 2-4) and a one-day blitz championship (August 5). The event, with a prize fund of €350,000, is open to squads from all over the world.

Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President: “Following the success of the inaugural event last year in Dusseldorf, I am thrilled that we are now preparing for the second edition of this tournament, which is on its way of becoming a regular feature in the calendar of top global FIDE events.

In our strive to diversify chess events and formats and increase opportunities for non-professional players, the World Rapid and Blitz Team Championships – where many amateurs of different chess skills have a chance to take part – is an excellent example of that ambition.

FIDE and the chess world are very fortunate to have the likes of Freedom Holding and the Kazakhstan Chess Federation helping organize and fund this event. In recent years both have done a lot to support and promote chess in Kazakhstan but also in Asia and globally, and we thank them for that.”

Create your own team from your club members, members of different federations or your favourite chess players. Registration is open via the following link:

Team composition:

Each team shall be composed in accordance with the following requirements:

A. At least six and not more than nine players, including at least:

a. one female player,

b. one player, other than the one indicated in the previous point, who never achieved FIDE Standard, Rapid or Blitz Rating of 2000 Elo points (or unrated) up to and including the July 2024 rating lists,

B. A captain, who may also be one of the players.

Teams are required to register at least six players meeting the requirements by 1 July 2024. Three more players may be added at any time until 12pm Lausanne time, 25 July 2024.

Among those who have already confirmed their participation in the event the world’s top-rated chess player (and holder of the world titles in Rapid and Blitz) Magnus Carlsen. World #1 will strengthen WR Team, which won the inaugural edition, and is ready to defend their title and try to take the first team crown in the Blitz.

Timur Turlov, CEO of Freedom Holding Corp. and President of Kazakhstan Chess Federation: “Over the past few years, Freedom Holding Corp. has been a sponsor of the largest and most milestone events in the chess world, and the Kazakhstan Chess Federation has significantly enhanced its partnership with FIDE during this period. Investments have a positive impact on chess popularization in the world and human capital development. I believe that having one more spectacular chess event in our nation’s capital will help elevate the status of Kazakhstan in the chess world and further charge the already growing interest in chess among our people. As we prepare to welcome teams from across the world, we extend our gratitude to FIDE for their collaboration and bringing another chess spectacle to this part of the world.”

Now that the registration for the event is officially open, FIDE is looking forward to the teams and players who will take part in a chess spectacle this summer in Astana.

Regulations for the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championship:

Registration form:

Official website: