International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 19 Jun 2024 08:24
Selected participants for the ChessMom Project announced

The FIDE Commission for Women's Chess is pleased to announce the names of the five players selected to participate in the ChessMom pilot project during the 45th Chess Olympiad. This innovative program aims to support mother chess players by covering all expenses related to an accompanying caregiver, enabling them to participate in the tournament.

The selected participants for this project are:

Kashlinskaya, Alina (Poland)
Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia)
Osmak, Yuliia (Ukraine)
Bantiwalu, Aster Melake (Ethiopia)
Shipindo, Rauha (Namibia)
Nkwanyane Nolwazi (Eswatini)

We thank all the national federations for their support, and we hope this initiative evolves into consistent support for chess-playing mothers. Congratulations to the selected participants and we wish them great success at the Olympiad!

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FIDE Commission for Women's Chess