International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020 08:00
Regulations for Chess Olympiad 2020, Competition for disabled


FIDE publishes the Regulations for Chess Olympiad 2020, Competition for disabled.

FIDE is happy to announce that the first Chess Olympiad 2020, Competition for disabled will take place from July 28th till August 5th, 2020 in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia.

Please check the Chess Olympiad 2020, Competition for disabled in the FIDE Calendar 2020.

All FIDE National Federations are requested to provide FIDE with the list of the disabled chess players of their respective federations. 

The selection of teams for the 1st World Chess Paralympiad will be made based on the rating system (See Point 2 of the Regulations). 

A federation with higher rated players has more chances to participate in the Chess Olympiad 2020, Competition for disabled. 

FIDE has already received disabled players' lists from most of the federations. Please check the lists here:

Should you have additional players, please fill in the Disabled Players' Form and send it to the FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili at

Before sending the Form, please make sure that your disabled players have FIDE IDs.

The deadline for receipt of Disabled Player's Form is February 10th, 2020

Looking forward to your participation.