International Chess Federation
Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 10:38
Survey on visual imagery and chess

FIDE firmly supports the research and publication of studies, papers and surveys related to chess. In particular, topics like the benefits of chess in education, its effect in improving cognitive ageing, or any study that uses chess as a touchstone to measure intellectual performance, are considered priorities worth our full support.

Last week, we have been contacted by Laura Zimmermann, a psychology student at the University of Bonn. Mrs. Zimmermann is currently doing her bachelor thesis on the subject of aphantasia, the state of reduced or absent visual imagery. In this context, she is researching the influence of visual imagery on planning ability, using the game to measure the correlation between visual imagery and chess performance. 

You can support this study by answering an online form, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It contains a diagnostic questionnaire on visual imagery, a query on the most important chess parameters (e.g. standard rating, rapid rating, blitz rating) as well as a short IQ test with the possibility to get feedback on your IQ. The data of the survey will be stored securely. No identifying information will be used in any publications. The anonymity of the participants will remain fully protected.

You can find the survey here: