International Chess Federation
Sunday, 28 Mar 2021 16:59
Statement regarding the FIDE World University Online Championships

In connection with the decision of the Fair Play Panel (FPP) of the FIDE World University Online Championships, FIDE confirms that the results of the women's rapid final held on 25 March have been adjusted. All the results of IM Yulia Osmak are counted as a loss - in line with the tournament's Regulations. 

The decision was not based solely on cheating-detection algorithms but was made by FPP after a thorough examination, that included all available evidence. The decision is final. 

FIDE Fair Play Commission upon reviewing all the data submitted by FPP will decide, whether the case shall be referred to the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission for further sanctions.  

FIDE relies on the dedicated work of FPP and encourages players to follow and value the principles of fair play.