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Monday, 30 Sep 2019 15:07
Koneru shoots up in the October rating list

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Each month FIDE publishes a new official rating list. Right after the release, let’s take a look at the list and identify the most interesting developments.

Since the FIDE World Cup 2019, that brought together almost all the best players, is not rated yet, the top 10 of the Open rating list remained intact with no movements inside it. In the November list, we will definitely see some changes.

There are only two newcomers in top-100, namely Ray Robson and Alexey Sarana. Ray earned 17 points after his triumph in St Louis Fall A tournament and moved way up to 73rd position, whereas Alexey picked up 4 points in a small tournament in Linares and squeezed into the top-100.

Ray Robson also stands out as the biggest gainer of the month, followed by Francisco Vallejo Pons and Radoslaw Wojtaszek. The Spaniard got 10 points in Linares while the Pole delivered a solid performance in Polish Extraleague netting him 9 rating points.

FIDE Women's Grand Prix in Skolkovo became the main catalyst for rating changes among women. Humpy Koneru, on her way back from two-year hiatus, won the event, picked up 17 points and edged out Alexandra Goryachkina from the 3rd place. Despite losing one position, the Russian also increased her rating by 11 points. The Women’s World Champion Ju, Wenjun, who was second in the event, and Elizabeth Paehtz earned 10 points each.

In the junior’s top 10, Alexey Sarana mounted to the fifth position, while Jorden Van Foreest returned to the elite group of young players.

All players can check out the new ratings in the FIDE ratings section.