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Tuesday, 24 Aug 2021 19:49
Winners crowned at EU Youth Chess Championship 2021

On Sunday, August 22nd, the EU Youth Chess Championship 2021 reached a culmination point in Kouty nad Desnou (CZE) - the final rounds in eight categories were full of tension and exciting battles.

EU Youth Chess Championship 2021 under the patronage of the ECU was organized by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation. The event brought together 81 young players from 10 federations. Boys and girls played in the same tournament but were ranked separately. All games were broadcast online.

The top-three finishers in each category got a cup and diploma. All the participants of EUYCC 2021 received medals and t-shirts with the logo of EUYCC. All eight champions are leaving Kouty nad Desnou with new laptops. The prizes were awarded by the director of the event Mr. Zdenek Fiala, and the tournament director of ECU, Mr. Petr Pisk.

Final standings:

Open U8

1. Vladimir Sofronie (ROU)
2. Maksymilian Janeczek (POL)
3. Stepan Kroulik (CZE).

Girls U8

1. Aleksandra Pehlivanova (BUL)
2. Emma Cretescu (ROU)
3. Amalie Martikanova (CZE)

Open U10
1. Andrei Negrean (ROU)
2. Danail Popzafirov (BUL)
3. Filip Kulich (SVK)

Girls U10

1. Ariana Badica (ROU)
2. Sofiia Markina (CZE)
3. Eliska Janouskova (CZE)

Open U12

1. Kamil Warchol (POL)
2. Matej Jasso (CZE)
3. Roman Popov (CZE)

Girls U12

1. Timea Haasova (SVK)
2. Ena Bangerter (SUI)
3. Valerie Barteckova (CZE)

Open U14

1. Ondrej Winter (CZE)
2. Iosif Ciocani (ROU)
3. Nikola Kanov (BUL).

Girls U14

1. Lucia Kapicakova (SVK)
2. Ioana-Bianca Chicarosie (ROU)
3. Adela Janouskova (CZE)

The following players were awarded for the best game in each round: Aleksandra Pehlivanova (BUL), Danail Popzafirov (BUL), Jan Vana (CZE), Daniel Kulich (SVK), Emma Cretescu (ROU), Eliska Janouskova (CZE), Teodor-Stefan Anghelescu (ROU), Tamir Artan (SUI), Bozhidar Mihaylov (BUL), Nikol Barteckova (CZE), Kamil Warchol (POL) and Simon Lang (CZE).

The organizers also established prizes for the best game in each category.  Andrei Negrean (ROU) won in the open category for his game against A. Tsolov (cat. B10, round 7) and Sofiia Markina (CZE) did in the girls category for her game against Matej Mydlar (cat. G10, round 8).

The participants and the guests of the championship enjoyed various off-board activities. They could use a swimming pool, wellness, sauna, table tennis, bowling, pool, etc. The photo gallery from the tournament and other activities is available on the official website.

Finally, I would like to thank all players for their performance and fair play, all parents and coaches for cooperation, arbiters for running the tournament and all cooperators for their work. Hopefully, you enjoyed together with us this championship and believe to see us again the next year!

Text: IO Zdeněk Fiala, director Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou

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