International Chess Federation
Friday, 08 Oct 2021 15:10
FIDE endorses Judit Polgar Method

It is a core mission of FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) to research, monitor and promote best practices of chess in education programs across the globe. In that sense, we are happy to endorse the Judit Polgar Method, a proven and successful methodology that has already long been recognised as a unique and comprehensive approach in using chess to foster cognitive skills development as well as curricular enhancement in schools.

The Judit Polgar Method has already been introduced in hundreds of schools in Hungary and China, and it is being rolled out further internationally. Its "Train the Teachers" program perfectly aligns with FIDE’s strategy and goals, since training teachers is the first step towards introducing chess massively in schools, and supply for the strong demand from the educational community.

While FIDE is developing its own certification process, we also must support and join forces with all those who are working in the same direction.

FIDE appreciates the existing partnership model and hopes for further strengthening of the cooperation with GM Judit Polgar, European Chess Union, and the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary. Together we will pursue the goal of bringing chess, and its educational benefits, to more children around the world.