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Friday, 12 Nov 2021 19:31
Winners crowned at Children and Youth Festival "ChessYes"

The FIDE Endorsed International Children and Youth Festival «ChessYes», an official side event to the FIDE Grand Swiss and Women's Grand Swiss 2021, was held online from October 09 to November 07, 2021.

The festival «ChessYes» was organized by FIDE, the Public organization "CIS", and the Latvian Chess Federation.

The tournament took place on in four age groups: U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14. Each age group event consisted of two stages: the Qualifier stage, two online 9-round Swiss System tournaments, held on October 09-23, 2021, and the Final stage for top players, a 16-player knockout tournament, played from October 24 to November 07, 2021.

More than 200 kids from 30 countries – Ukraine, Serbia, India, Latvia, Vietnam, Spain, Poland, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, the Philippines, Georgia, Australia, Great Britain, Greece, Luxembourg, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Dominicana, Cuba, Russia, Chili, Ireland, Botswana, Brazil, Mexico, Palestine, Slovakia and France – took part in the event.

Final standings:

U-8 category


1. Minh Hoang Nguyen (Vietnam)
2. Huy Quang Bui (Vietnam)
3. Maksym Kryshtafor (Ukraine)


1. Tam Anh Nguyen Dinh (Vietnam)
2. Mica Claire Clar (Philippines)
3-4. Shruthika Anand Kumar (India)
3-4. Anna Shmeleva (Russia)

U-10 Category


1. Piotr Brzezina (Poland)
2. Sho Moritani  (Japan)
3. Nils Vorobjovs (Latvia)


1. Prishita Gupta (India)
2. Kristina Sultanova (Russia)
3. Anna Velichkina (Russia)

U-12 Category


1. Marcos Antonio Guach Rodriguez (Cuba)
2. Alex Herrera Pedroso (Cuba)
3. Dinh Nguyen Hoang Nhat Le (Vietnam)


1. Elizaveta Maltseva (Russia)
2. Pratitee Bordoloi (India)
3. Mariam Kalandadze (Georgia)

U-14 Category


1. Dau Khuong Duy (Vietnam)
2. Cleon Amadeus Surya (Indonesia)
3. Siddhesh Umashankar B U (India)


1. Sawan Eman (Palestine)
2. Ekaterina Skuridina (Russia)
3. Aliah Diyanah Insyirah Binti Mohd Faizullah (Malaysia)

In addition to standard prizes, winners and medalists of the online event in the categories U-8 and U-10 (open & girls) got a free online 90-minute group lecture by GM Dmitry Gordievsky. The top-3 finishers in the categories U-12 and U-14 (open & girls) were awarded an online 90-minute group lecture by GM Boris Gelfand, FIDE World Championship runner-up (2012).