International Chess Federation
Friday, 11 Feb 2022 14:58
FIDE distributes €30,000 among distinguished veterans

After carefully considering the numerous applications received, the special panel appointed by the FIDE Council decided that these will be the twelve chess players, coaches, and promoters to benefit from FIDE's support to chess veterans in 2022:

Alexey Yuneev (Russia) 

Jay Bonin (USA)

Jiri Lechtynsky (Czech Republic)

Vija Rozlapa (Latvia)

Giorgi Macharashvili (Georgia)

Reynaldo Vera (Cuba)

Evgenij Ermenkov (Bulgaria)

Alexey Kosikov (Ukraine)

Sheila Jackson (England) 

Galina Strutinskaia (Russia)

Rani Hamid (Bangladesh)

Gediminas Rastenis (Lithuania)

A total of €30,000 will be distributed among these seniors with each person from the list receiving €2,500. Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, FIDE will either increase a prize fund in veteran championships this year or allocate a similar amount for the second instalment to our distinguished seniors.