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Wednesday, 04 May 2022 20:03
FIDE EDU Upcoming Courses for Lecturers and Teachers

Dear Member Federations,

FIDE’s Chess in Education Commission accelerates its provision of training for Lecturers and Teachers of Educational chess.

The Preparation of Lecturers course leads to the diploma of Chess in Education Lecturer and is intended primarily for those who will lecture to teachers in order to swell the number of teachers in the world who can teach educational chess. The course hones their existing skills and opens new vistas for those from the chess world without educational background.

The training has a cost of €75, which covers both access to materials and preparation, and the exam. Those who successfully pass the course will receive the diploma of Certified FIDE Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL). This is valid for three years, and it implies an administrative fee of €50.

The Preparation of Teachers course leads to the FIDE title of School Instructor. A 3-day (15 hours) course will help to develop participants’ knowledge and skills in educational chess, help them to find new digital tools and platforms for online learning, and get ideas on the application of important pedagogical approaches to the teaching process of chess basics.

The course fee is €100. The last hour of the course will be devoted to an exam (multiple choice questions) with a pass mark of 65%. Candidates who achieve the pass mark will qualify for the FIDE title of School Instructor, subject to paying the title fee of €50. 

The schedule of the FIDE EDU upcoming courses is below:

To join the courses, please register via the following links:
The second course for teachers in Spanish (May 20-22)
The third Preparation of Teachers Course (May 27-29)
The Second Course for Teachers in French (June 17-19)
The Fifth Course for Lecturers (July 08-10) 

Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who are ‘late’ will be placed on a waiting list and will thus be at the head of the queue for the next course.