International Chess Federation
Saturday, 09 Jul 2022 21:39
Two FIDE Trainers Seminars in conjunction with 44th Chess Olympiad announced

The FIDE Trainers Commission is facilitating two FIDE Trainer Seminars in conjunction with the 44th FIDE World Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India, from July 27 to August 10 2022.

The first one is the online seminar organized by the Asian Chess Federation in partnership with the Asia Chess Academy from July 24-26 focuses on endgame training, tactics training, strategy training, a study of classical games and opening repertoire and will be conducted by GM and FST lecturers Alexander Khalifman, Aleksey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Ivan Sokolov and Artur Jussupow.

The registration deadline is July 20, 2022

 The second seminar, organized by the All Indian Chess Federation together with FIDE Trainers’ Commission, will be held on-site during the 44th Chess Olympiad from July 30 to August 5 (see the complete information here ) and led by TRG Chairman, FST & GM Mikhail Kobalia. The lecturer will cover many aspects of chess self-improvement, including opening preparation, tactics and endgame training, calculation, etc. 

The registration deadline is July 27, 2022.