International Chess Federation
Sunday, 02 Oct 2022 18:42
Record-breaking attendance at FIDE Trainers’ Seminar

Under the auspices of FIDE, Arab Chess Federation and Asia Chess Academy organized an online trainers’ seminar that took place from 23-25 September 2022. 

Thanks to FIDE’s support and collaboration between the Arab Chess Federation (ACF) and the African Chess Confederation (ACC), a new record has been set in a very successful trainers’ seminar with an unprecedented turnout of 97 participants from 57 countries.

The high quality of the material presented by great lecturers and world champions clearly increased the value of TRG seminars. This particular one attracted a record-breaking number of participants striving to hone their skills by learning from the best of the best.

The closing ceremony was attended by FIDE President, Mr Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE Vice-President and ACF President Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Mualla, ACC president Tshepiso Lopang and TRG Chairman Sami Khader.

Mr Khader expressed his delight with the presence of the honorable guests and the results of the seminar. He also related to the gradually growing success of TRG seminars to the quality of the material provided and the standards set by TRG in selecting lecturers. He also reinstated TRG’s willingness to continue building on that success.

FIDE President, Mr Dvorkovich, expressed satisfaction with achieving such impressive numbers, which indicates a high demand for this kind of trainers’ seminars that the FIDE trainers Commission (TRG) has been organizing for a while. Mr Dvorkovich believes that TRG will continue its active work across the world for different groups.

It will help to reach different geographical regions and chess levels. Coupled with high efficiency, it would help to create a new generation of chess trainers and players. Arkady Dvorkovich also stressed the importance of ACF’s cooperating with the ACC actively in fostering a new generation of professionals, which he believed was the way to go, and an example of how affiliated organizations should act together with FIDE to achieve common goals. 

Mr Dvorkovich thanked ACF & ACC for their joint effort and appreciated all participants’ investing their time in improving their qualifications as trainers. He wished them, on behalf of FIDE and FIDE Council, good luck.                 

FIDE Vice President and ACF President, Sheikh Al Mualla, was glad to see the top figures in the chess world getting together to nurture the growth of the new generation of trainers. He also ensured ACF’s effort to maintain the quality of the seminars in the future. 

ACC President, Ms Tshepiso Lopang congratulated the TRG Chairman, Sami Khader, on his job well done! And thanked him for the efforts to ensure that the event was a real success. She also thanked Sheikh Almualla for supporting the ACC throughout that seminar and expressed ACC’s hope for further collaboration and support by FIDE to develop the game on the African continent.