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Monday, 10 Oct 2022 18:43
Missing FIDE President: Investigation by FIDE Historical Committee

In 1939, the FIDE GA met in Buenos Aires during the Olympiad. Because of the uncertainty regarding a possible World War, Paraguay's delegate came up with a motion to replace the FIDE President, Dr Rueb, with the President of the Argentina Chess Federation Augusto De Muro. 

The motion was accepted by a huge majority of the delegates but never implemented. Eighty-two years later, the President of the Argentina Chess Federation Mario Petrucci asked FIDE to rewrite history and list Mr De Muro as the second FIDE President. An investigation has been made by the FIDE Historical Committee, which has concluded that according to FIDE Statutes from that time, the FIDE GA had the power to take the decision to replace Dr Rueb. 

Before taking the final decision, the FIDE Council has asked the FIDE Office to publish all documents concerning the above-mentioned case. If anyone has unpublished documents or has a justified counter-opinion, please contact the FIDE Office at at by January 10, 2023.

Here is a full list of related documents:

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Investigation by Sergio Ernesto Negri and Juan Sebastián Morgado (docx)

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General Assembly Agenda 1939 (jpg)

Letter to Federations 1939 (jpg)

Mario Petrucci FADA President Letter to the FIDE President (pdf)

Text Francais (jpg)

Torneo Naciones Poster (jpg)

XVI Congress Report (jpg)

Chapter 34 - September 1939 (jpg)

Augusto De Muro - President (jpg)

First Session GA 1939 - Spanish (jpg)

Olympiad 1939 - Final Stanings (jpg)