International Chess Federation
Thursday, 10 Nov 2022 14:20
Resolution on transfer regulations approved by FIDE Council

The FIDE Council at its meeting on October 17th, 2022, has resolved to approve the following Resolution regarding transfer regulations’ review:

  • To study transfer regulations and potential for their improvement.
  • To appoint the following working group: Chair of the Working Group, FIDE Vice-President Mr. Michael Khodarkovsky with Representative of the FIDE General Strategy Commission (to be appointed by GSC) and a Representative of the Qualification Commission (to be appointed by QC).
  • To instruct the working group to publish information on the start of their work and invitation for FIDE Federations, officials and all other interested individuals to provide suggestions on transfer regulations amendment.
  • To specify that suggestions as per point 3 above should be provided within one month from the date of this Resolution.
  • To instruct the working group to: - analyze received suggestions; - analyze various circumstances related to players migration; - provide drafts of recommended changes to the transfer regulations based on the aforementioned analysis.

In this connection, we are hereby inviting all Federations-members of FIDE, officials and all other interested individuals to provide suggestions on transfer regulations amendment, to be sent to the FIDE Office ( for the attention of the Working Group, by December 5th 2022.