International Chess Federation
Friday, 19 May 2023 07:38
Preliminary confirmation of participation in WSTC 2023: Deadline announced

To all FIDE National Federations 

All FIDE member federations should email the FIDE Events Commission for preliminary confirmation of participation in the World Schools Team Championship (WSTC) 2023.

Only federations that held or are going to hold Stage 1 (National Championship) are eligible to apply for “invited team” status (with expenses for accommodations and travel covered by the organisers for one team).

National Federations should indicate the exact dates before Thursday, May 26; and after the competitions finish, provide the data (documents and photos) that confirm the organisation of the Championship as per Article 2.4 of the WSTC Regulations. 

If the National Championship has already been held, National Federations should submit all the necessary information according to Article 2.4 of the Regulations to the FIDE Events Commission.

The Events Commission should be emailed at:

Regulations of the World Schools Team Championship (pdf)