International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 05 Jul 2023 12:37
World Schools Team Championship 2023: Registration deadline extended

FIDE and the Kazakhstan Chess Federation have extended the registration deadline for the participants of the World Schools Team Championship 2023 (WSTC). National Federations should submit or complete the information about their invited and additional teams using the link for the online registration form before July 10.

The championship will take place in Aktau, Caspian Sea-Side, from August 3 (arrivals) to August 8 (departures) of 2023. The playing venue is Halyk Arena.

About 50 National Federations first to enter with preliminary confirmation of participation in WSTC have already received for one of their teams “invited team” status and a travel grant (for schools located in member Federations affiliated to Africa or the Americas, the travel grants are up to $10,000, for schools situated in member Federations affiliated to Asia or Europe they are up to $5,000).

Registration form:

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Regulations and invitation letter (pdf)