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Thursday, 02 Nov 2023 17:48
FIDE November 2023 rating list published

The November 2023 FIDE rating list was primarily impacted by the U.S. Championships, the European Club Cup, the 19th Asian Games Chess Team Competitions and the Qatar Masters.

Fabiano Caruana consolidated his second position in the top 10 open after winning his second straight U.S. Championship title and picking 9 rating points, while Wesley So dropped one point despite finishing second but still moved three positions up in the top 10.

Photo: Crystal Fuller | Saint Louis Chess Club

After a long pause, women’s #1 Hou Yifan played nine classical games in the 19th Asian Games and earned four points – her first standard rating increase since December 2019.

Biggest gains in top 100 Open and Women

Yakubboev, Nodirbek


2643 (+28)

Yip, Carissa


2399 (+27)

Maghsoodloo, Parham


2732 (+25)

Sindarov, Javokhir


2681 (+23)

Tokhirjonova, Gulrukhbegim


2370 (+20)

Nurmanova, Alua


2367 (+20)

Vaishali, Rameshbabu


2467 (+19)

Lee, Alice


2406 (+18)

Artemiev, Vladislav


2714 (+17)

Narayanan S L


2668 (+17)

Nodirbek Yakubboev (pictured below) triumphantly returned to the top 100 Open after a 10-month absence following his solid performance at the 19th Asian Games (+9) surprising victory in Qatar Masters (+18) and won this nomination.

Photo: Qatar Masters

His teammate Javokhir Sindarov also did a great job in these two competitions (tying for third in Qatar), translating into 23 rating points. India’s Narayan also became one of the rating beneficiaries in Qatar.

Three young players who made it to the podium of the U.S. Women’s Championship – the champion Carissa Yip (+27), the runner-up Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova (+20) and the bronze winner Alice Lee (+20) – substantially increased their rating with Alice reaching her career-high.

Photo: Lennart Ootes | Saint Louis Chess Club

Parham Maghsoodloo (pictured below) led team Iran to the gold medals at the 19th Asian Games, scoring a spectacular 7.5/9 on the first board. Coupled with a solid showing in the Qatar Open and Bundesliga, these results brought him 25 rating points, signifying his return to the 2700+ elite group.

Photo: Niki Riga

Alua Nurmanova underperformed in the 19th Asian Games (-11) but made up for this rating loss in the Qatar Open, where she gained an impressive 31 points. The same applies to Rameshbabu Vaishali, who netted a mere 0.1 points in the team competition but added 18.8 points to her tally in Qatar and completed her final GM norm along the way.