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Friday, 10 Nov 2023 22:37
Winners crowned at World Amateurs Championship 2023

The World Amateur Chess Championship 2023 is in the books. Organized by the Omani Chess Committee, in partnership with the International Chess FederationThe event took place in Muscat, Oman from November 2 to November 11 in the main sports hall at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bawshar.

The Kazakhstani player, Abilmansur Abdilkhair, clinched the title in the amateur chess championship in the Open U-2300 category. The event saw the dominance of Mongolian players: Dashtogtokh Amarsaikhan secured gold in the Open U-2000; his countryman Ganbat Danzanjunai came out on top in the Open U-1700 section, Norovsambuu Badamkhand won Women U-2000, while in the Women U-1700 categpru, Bat-Amgalan Anujin of Mongolia wrestled the title in fierce competition with her compatriot Tsogdelger Anudari, thanks to the direct encounter win. Bauyrzhan Amash from Kazakhstan became the champion in the U-2300 category.

Dr Mahad bin Said Baowain, Minister of Labor, was the chief guest of the Closing ceremony attended by several dignitaries, national chess federations' officials and ambassadors from participating countries.

The tournament saw incredible battles of 389 players representing 64 countries from all over the planet. This diverse lineup added an atmosphere of a truly global competition.

Each round commenced with an inaugural move made by one of the distinguished attendees, including Her Highness Sayyida Hujaija Jaifer Al Said and FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich. In addition, the tournament had extensive media coverage across FIDE social media platforms and the Omani Chess Committee. There were also several pieces on the championship in the Arabic and English newspapers.

In the Open U-2300 category, Abilmansur Abdilkhair of Kazakhstan delivered an exceptional performance and secured the top position, scoring 8/9. In the final round, he faced Naranbold Sodbilegt of Mongolia and dominated throughout, netting a crucial point. Kartavya Anadkat of India and Egyptian Marco Fadi tied for second place on 7/9, with the former taking silver thanks to better tiebreaks.

Dashtogtokh Amarsaikhan from Mongolia steamrolled the competition in the Open U-2000 category, winning all nine games. He particularly shone in the battle with Alikhan Khazhatuly from Kazakhstan, a highly challenging encounter for both players. R Sham of India came second, netting 7.5 points, while the bronze medal went to another Indian player, Ragavesh Velavaa (6.5/9).

In the Open U-1700 category, Ganbat Danzanjunai of Mongolia emerged as the winner, notching up 8/9. The decisive confrontation with the Indian player Batra Deepak in the final round saw an exciting clash on the king's side, but when the dust settled, the opponents agreed on a draw. Vadim Pak from Kyrgyzstan scored 7.5/9 and tied for second place with his compatriot Medet Dzhaparov but claimed silver by dint of better tiebreaks.

In the Women U-1700 category, players from Mongolia occupied the entire podium. Bat-Amgalan Anujin beat Kenyan Wanjiru Kimani in a crucial last-round encounter to claim gold. Her fellow countrywoman Tsogdelger Anudari scored an equal amount of points with the champion but had to settle for silver after losing the direct encounter, while bronze goes to Baldanjantsan Khuslenzaya (7/9).

In the Women's U-2300 category, the Kazakhstani Bauryzhan Arnash claimed the title with 5 points. Balandin Naymanova of Bulgaria took silver, while Lukina Aleksandra (FID) won the bronze.

In the Women U-2000 category Norovsambuu Badamkhand (Monglia) lifted the trophy, while Desandhi Dhihansa Gamage (Sri Lanka) and Niki Nadernia (Iran) finished second and third respectively. 

The closing ceremony, attended, among others, by FIDE Executive Director Victor Bologan and President of Omani Chess Committee Ahmed Al Bulushi, featured a visual presentation showcasing all nine days of the championship, including the most notable games. Then Dr Mahad bin Said Baowain took the stage and awarded the winners in all categories, organizing committee members, and companies contributing to the championship's success.

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About 2023 World Amateur Chess Championship

FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship 2023 is organized by the Omani Chess Committee together with the International Chess Federation, with the financial support of Gold sponsors: Syool, Apollo Hospitals, Oman LNG. Bank Muscat, Otaxi, Oronamin C Drink as well as Diamond sponsors: Asyad, OMIFCO, and Oman Airport.