International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023 21:02
Clarifications on FIDE Circuit Regulations and qualification for Candidates 2024

1. Qualification procedure for the (open) Candidates 2024.
The following order of priority shall apply for two remaining spots: qualification via FIDE Circuit goes first, then qualification by rating goes, not taking into account all those players who gained the right to participate earlier via other paths.

2. Allocation of FIDE Circuit points in the Sinquefield Cup.
According to the FIDE Circuit Regulations, the players who finish in the top half of the final standings receive Circuit points. After GM Duda’s withdrawal, with only nine remaining participants, the 5th final place is not in the top half anymore and, therefore, shall not receive any FIDE Circuit points.

3. Qualification for the Candidates 2024 by rating.
A player shall participate in at least four FIDE Circuit tournaments with a standard time control. These tournaments shall meet all the requirements of the FIDE Circuit Regulations, particularly both general (1.1) and country restrictions (3.2). clauses. Thus, out of the four above-mentioned tournaments, not more than two (one of which is a national championship) can be played in the same country. If this rule is not respected, the player is not eligible for qualification.