International Chess Federation
Monday, 04 Dec 2023 11:14
EDU - Transforming chess education

Aiming to promote chess as a powerful education tool, the Chess in Education Commission has reviewed the existing Preparation of Teachers course this year and announced new initiatives .

Understanding the transformative impact of chess within education, the EDU Commission has embarked on a mission to equip educators worldwide with the necessary skills through the Preparation of Teachers (PoT) course. Headed by a team including Jerry Nash, Rita Atkins, Anzel Laubscher, Tamara Sargsyan, and Boris Bruhn, this initiative aims to revolutionize the teaching landscape.

The revised PoT course aligns with the concept of educational chess, emphasizing its role as not just a game but a pedagogical tool. Beyond imparting chess basics, the course integrates chess-like minigames, pedagogic elements, and interdisciplinary uses, catering to diverse learning styles and fostering emotional and social skills through chess.

In 2023, the EDU Commission conducted a series of online and in-person courses in 79 countries. A total of 18 PoT courses – half in person and half online – engaged 473 participants, empowering 284 new School Instructors with the skills to improve chess education in the classroom.

Participants hailed the courses as transformative, citing enriched teaching strategies and a nuanced understanding of the balance between competitive and educational aspects of chess.

Some of the testimonies from the program participants:

"I am more equipped with this intensive-informative course and encouraged to create my own guidebook for my students. My mind is clearer on which direction I should go to. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learnt."

"Through this course, we can truly impact the next generation in education."

"Good atmosphere, group dynamics, and captivating training. A very enriching experience."

"High-level training, rich, and of excellent quality. The content changes the man."

Their feedback reflects the profound impact on their teaching approach and the potential to shape future generations.

During 2023, a pivotal collaboration unfolded between FIDE EDU, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and national federations in Zimbabwe and Nigeria, aiming to introduce chess in education in these two countries. Championed by EDU Commission Chairman Jerry Nash and Commission member Anzel Laubscher, this initiative introduced chess as an educational tool, training teachers and coaches and setting the stage for an estimated 5000+ new students to embrace chess in Africa.

Looking ahead, the EDU Commission sets ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to expand its reach to 100 countries and train 1000 PoT participants. Plans include nurturing 20 Lecturers and supporting conferences and initiatives promoting chess in education worldwide.