International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024 09:55
FIDE Chess School Award established

FIDE Education Commission is pleased to announce its new initiative: the launch of the FIDE Chess School Award.

The award is established to enhance the quality and position of chess in the primary and secondary education systems around the world. We wish to provide recognition and motivation for existing Chess in Education activities and programs in schools through a certification process. The second objective is to inspire new schools to increase their level of involvement in educational chess. The FIDE Chess School Award provides an effective means to achieve these goals.

Photo: Vincent Masole, FIDE School Instructor in Botswana

Schools with inclusive programs that involve most of their students, many from varying abilities and backgrounds, have an excellent chance of receiving the award. Schools that celebrate diversity and demonstrate high social awareness in their communities, with a focus on commitment and shared interest between students, educators, and parents for a holistic, game-based approach to education beyond the traditional academic subjects, will also be granted the award.

Several aspects of school chess are examined. There are ten questions altogether, and applicants are asked to answer each question in as much detail as possible and provide supporting evidence. Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards can be obtained depending on meeting all or some of the criteria. Applications are accepted in English, Spanish, Russian, and German languages, and we may add additional languages in the future. The application fee for the award is €150. Two application cycles are planned in each year. In the current cycle, applications are invited until March 31, with the awards announced in June. Please apply via the FIDE EDU website. For more information, see the FIDE Handbook or write to

Jerry Nash teaching chess

Here are some reasons for applying:

  • The FIDE Chess School certificate and logo can be displayed in school, used in school publications, and promoted on the school website.
  • National Chess Federations will be notified about all FIDE Chess Schools in their country.
  • For recognition, award winners will be listed on the FIDE EDU website. Schools will thus make themselves visible to organisations looking for reliable partners for social activities.
  • FIDE Chess Schools will form a wider community with increased connectivity to one another. Being part of our network opens opportunities for collaboration with other schools and participation in broader chess events.
  • Online vendors will provide a platform for joint training events and a multitude of chess activities.
  • FIDE EDU will host discussion forums for teachers of FIDE Chess Schools to share best practices and educational resources. Speakers will be invited to share their experiences with using chess as an educational tool. 
  • Additional incentives for schools participating in the FIDE Chess School Award will be provided as they become available.