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Monday, 27 May 2024 19:10
FIDE ChessMom Initiative: Applications due May 29

There are only two days left for submitting applications for the ChessMom pilot project. The submission period closes on May 29, 2024.

The ChessMom pilot initiative, launched by the Commission for Women's Chess, aims to support professional chess players who are mothers of infants under one year old. Specifically, the initiative will cover all expenses related to an accompanying caregiver for ten female players traveling with their infants to the 45th Chess Olympiad in Budapest, Hungary.

We invite federations, clubs, and players themselves to send their applications, including information about a mother and a child, as well as a Letter of Concurrence from the National Federation, stating that a player is a part of the National Team by filling the following form:

Currently, we have received applications from Poland, Ukraine, Mauritius, and Eswatini.

For more information and confirmation, please contact the Project Leader, Francisco J Cruz Arce.


WhatApp: +1-787-587-3409

Olympiad Registration dates are from April 18 – June 10, 2024

Timeline for ChessMom Submissions

May 06, 2024 – Submission Period started

May 29, 2024 – Submission Period closes

May 30, 2024 – WOM ChessMom Project meeting

June 01, 2024 – WOM announcement of selected Players

Learn more about the ChessMom initiative here: