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Wednesday, 05 Jun 2024 12:20
Chess for Freedom Conference: Program and registration links

FIDE is pleased to unveil the extended list of distinguished speakers and updated program for the upcoming Chess for Freedom Conference, scheduled to take place from June 19 to 21, 2024, in Pune, India. Hosted by Indian Oil Corp. in collaboration with the All India Chess Federation and the Ministry of Justice, this conference aims to highlight the transformative role of chess in correctional facilities worldwide.

This conference will bring together leaders and experts from around the world to share their experiences and strategies for leveraging chess as a powerful tool for rehabilitation in correctional facilities. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from diverse international perspectives and contribute to the future direction of the Chess for Freedom initiative.

Registration for offline participation (until June 7, 2024):

Registration for online participation:


Day 1: June 19, 2024


● "Chess for Freedom project in India": Chairman of Indian Oil Corp. will discuss the partnership project.

● "How to achieve 40 facilities in the Championship?"Nadia Cristina Tovar Cruz from Mexico will share details on the Chess for Freedom initiative in Mexico, focusing on the ambitious goal of reaching 40 correctional facilities across the country.

● "Supporting Talents in Prisons State-wide chess initiative" (online): Dr. Cris Fanning, Executive Director, Kansas Department of Corrections, will present online on statewide chess initiatives in the USA.

● "Chess puzzles in prisons, and their relevance to life on the outside" (online): Carl Portman from England will present online on the importance of chess puzzles for inmates.

● Steven Maruwo (Malawi), Hector G., and Emanuel Garcia (USA): These former inmates will share their personal stories of transformation through chess, highlighting its impact on their lives during and after incarceration.

Day 2: June 20, 2024

Speakers and Presentations:

● "Social Chess – so much more than a game": André Vögtlin, FIDE Social Commission Chair, will discuss the broader social impact of chess.

● "Achievements and the future: Intercontinental Chess Championship for prisoners": Nebojsa Baralic will highlight past successes and plans.

● "Step-by-step to implement Chess for Freedom in prisons" (online): by Grandmaster Kevin Goh Wei Ming outlines the exact program

● "Chess in prisons for resocialization: Evidence based approach" Mikhail Korenman from the USA will present an evidence-based approach to using chess for resocialization.

"Breaking through the prisons walls with chess": by Susan Namangale, representing the Gift of Chess initiative

● "Bringing Inmates to Life with the Power of Chess" (online): Jop Delemarre will present online about using chess to bring inmates to life, highlighting the program's benefits.

● "Georgian experience preparing local tournaments for the world chess championship of prisoners": by Vasil Lipartelian

● "Building Bridges: Tips, Tricks, and Encouragement for Successful Volunteer Engagement in Correctional Setting": Lāsma Kokoreviča from Latvia will discuss volunteer engagement in correctional settings.

●     "Checkmate to Stigma: How Chess is Rewriting Inmate Narratives": by Sergejs Kļimakovs will present on how chess is rewriting inmate narratives and combating stigma.

● "Chess Reinvented: Tailoring Training Strategies for Inmate Learners": Boris Bruhn from Germany will talk about tailoring chess training for inmates.

● "Chess Empowering Women Behind Bars": by Batchimeg Tuvshintugs

Panel Discussions and Workshops:

Panel Discussion: "Chess for Youth Freedom"

Featuring David Acheampong (Ghana), Nebojsa Baralic (Serbia), a representative from India, and Vasil Liparteliani (Georgia), this discussion will explore how chess can aid youth rehabilitation.

Workshop: "Let's Shape the Future of the Chess for Freedom"

Led by André Vögtlin, this workshop will focus on the future direction of the Chess for Freedom initiative.

About the new Speakers:

Vasil Liparteliani (Georgia)

Vasil Liparteliani serves as the Head of Sport Management programs at the Georgian State University of Physical Education and Sport and is a member of the academic board. Additionally, he is an invited expert in sports for the Special Penitentiary Service under the Ministry of Justice. Liparteliani is also the General Director of LTD "For Sport," a company responsible for managing sports facilities and providing consulting services to sports organizations.

Susan Namangale (Malawi)

The Global Head of the Gift of Chess and former President of the Malawi Chess Association, Susuan is also the founder of Dadaz Chess in Malawi. She has spearheaded the distribution of chess sets to prisons in over 20 countries through the Gift of Chess initiative. In Malawi, she launched the chess in prison program via Dadaz Chess, successfully registering two teams for the Intercontinental Chess Championship in 2023. Additionally, she has distributed chess sets to 16 prisons and established strong collaborations with prison authorities in Malawi.

Sergejs Kļimakovs (Latvia)

Media and Finance professional. FIDE master and ICCF Senior International Master. He is the Leader of the National Correspondence Chess Team of Latvia and has 15 years of experience working as a coach with talented youth. Sergejs is also a voluntary Chess for Freedom trainer in Latvian prisons.

Batchimeg Tuvshintugs (Mongolia)

International Master and Woman Grandmaster, Honored Athlete of Mongolia, and seven-time participant in the World Chess Olympiad. She also holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the General Executive Agency of Court Decision.

Jop Delemarre

Jop Delemarre is a distinguished Dutch International Master and renowned chess trainer with more than 20 years of chess training experience, particularly known for his expertise in the Chess Steps curriculum. Delemarre has mentored many young talents who have gone on to earn IM and GM titles. He actively participates in webinars and workshops, sharing his knowledge and training methods with the global chess community​.

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Contact Information:

Lasma Kokorevicha
Secretary of the FIDE Social Commission
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