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Sunday, 23 Jun 2024 12:36
Cairns Cup 2024: Tan Zhongyi clinch title

Tan Zhongyi, a former Women’s World Champion and the current challenger, emerged as the winner of the Cairns Cup 2024.

The Chinese GM took the lead as early as after Round 4 and preserved her top position to the very end. She landed the $50,000 first prize for her effort.

Going into the final round with 5.5/8, a full point ahead of five of her closest competitors, Tan made a quick draw on the white side of the Slav Defense with Alexandra Kosteniuk and clinched her maiden super-tournament title.

After Harika Dronavalli, Mariya Muzychuk, and Nana Dzagnidze drew their games, Anna Muzychuk seized the opportunity and climbed to second place by defeating Alice Lee and finished on 5.5/9. She took home the $40,000 prize.

Kosteniuk, Dronavalli, Dzagnidze, and Mariya Muzychuk tied for third place with 5/9 and will each receive $19,000.

Photos: Saint Louis Chess Club / Lennart Ootes

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